13 Emmy Facts That Will Surprise, Enrage, And Blow Your Mind

The gigantic cost of running an Emmy campaign, the biggest losers and more!

No “Mad Men” Star Has Ever Won For Acting On The Show

No "Mad Men" Star Has Ever Won For Acting On The Show

The AMC hit was named Outstanding Drama Series four years in a row, from 2008-11, and also was given a gaggle of trophies for writing and hairstyling, but no one to appear on screen has ever been given an Emmy. Jon Hamm is 0-for-5 for playing leading man Don Draper (he’s also whiffed while nominated for guest actor on 30 Rock); John Slattery, Christina Hendricks and Elisabeth Moss are 0-for-4; and Robert Morse is 0-for-3. January Jones, Ben Feldman, Jared Harris, Julia Ormand, Cara Buono, and Randee Heller fell the only time they were nominated for the period drama.

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Emmy Campaigns Can Cost Half A Million Dollars

Emmy Campaigns Can Cost Half A Million Dollars

You didn’t think they give awards based on worthiness alone, did you?

There is an entry fee a studio must pay to the Academy, then there’s the little matter of sending DVD screeners to each voter. That can cost up to $150,000 alone.

Then there are the matter of advertisements — Hollywood trade publications can charge a pretty penny for insets and cover wraps — and billboards. Not to mention those big parties they throw, and all the time and effort they put into scoring pre-Emmy interviews.

TV Guide has estimated it costs anywhere between $150,000-to-$500,000 per series. Good luck, HBO.

Like anything else in America, the winner is usually the richest.



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