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Age of Digitization

With the advent of digitization, online music websites have become more advanced than the TV channels that air music. While a few years ago music enthusiasts had limited access to the channels where there were more of announcements and advertisements than their favorite music, internet has opened the gates to online music. The users are free not just to hear and see what they love but also control the videos and songs. Also sites such as offer more than just music. You may log into this website to stay in touch with anything related to music. Know more about the latest music albums, movies, events and shows. You can also book tickets for the shows online and become a part of the events anytime. What do you think is behind these revolutionary changes- Technology and digitization? Yes, they are.

Technology has not just influenced selected but almost all the industries. Online banking, online shopping, online entertainment, online education, online gaming and more are just a few examples of influence of technology. Take the case of casinos. Several casinos across Las Vegas and US are slowly embracing digital revolution to provide better gaming experience to their customers and increase the casinos’ security as well. Casinos have started to use digital equipment for various purposes. They are used to create attractive ambience, improve the gaming experience by using graphic enhanced gaming equipment, and more importantly to secure the casino floors.

Digital equipment is widely used for casino surveillance. For several years, casinos used analog cameras to cover the gaming floors. These cameras required long cables, which strung across rooms, to connect to the surveillance room. Digital recording has enabled casinos to get rid of these cables. They also allow gaming commissions to access the recorded or live video remotely.

Another usage of digital equipment in casino is for improving ambience. Digital signage is used for this purpose. They are used to welcome guests, direct guests around the casino, entertain guests with live sports streaming, advertise or promote casino shows and so on.

One of the latest entries of digital revolution in casino industry is the use of Bitcoins. They are digital crypto currency that can be traded for other currencies or real world goods. Casinos such as the Golden Gate hotel and D Las Vegas Casino hotel accept Bitcoins for gambling purposes.In short, digitizing casinos enables customers to have 100% entertainment and allows casinos to ensure security of their premises.For more information refer to Affpower.


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