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Now This is How You Prepare for Halloween

If you have a teaser trailor to your Halloween light show like this first video, you know its gonna be good. Then, treehorn89 creates a Halloween display like only he could, set to "This is Halloween". Created By: Caitlin via Right This Minute's [...]

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Halloween ‘Convo’ With a Baby Zombie

"Convos With My 2-Year-Old" got a little spooky for Halloween, and this time it's not (now 3-year-old) Coco that's the main child character, but her baby brother Shepard, and something's not quite right with him. Created By: Mina via Right This Minute's Newest [...]

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Convincing the Kids You’re the Re-Animated Dead

Check out this spooky and awesome zombie makeup tutorial from Steph Dodds that's "easy" to do and will convice your little trick-or-treaters that you really are the re-animated dead! Created By: Mina via Right This Minute's Newest Videos http://www.rightthisminute.com/video/spooky-zombie-make-tutorial [...]

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Pumpkin Carving For Dummies

If you have never carved a pumpkin, or have and know how hard it can be, DaveHax has some awesome tips for you. Whether you decide to make your own fangs for your jack-o-lantern, create your very own pumpkin lantern, [...]

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Extreme Trick Shots Meet Extreme Sports

The guys from Dude Perfect (@DudePerfect)can be considered the pioneers of trick shots, so it is only natural that they are the ones to constantly up the ante. The coolest part about this video, is that the entire thing was shot [...]

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