Family Style with Chef Jeff

Family Style with Chef Jeff

Family Style with Chef Jeff is a brand new show that demonstrates how good choices in the kitchen can lead to a life changing experience for the whole family.

Chef Jeff Henderson grew up on the tough streets of South Central L.A. and San Diego. At 19 he was running a $35,000-a-week cocaine operation. At 24, Jeff was arrested and sent to prison, where he spent the next ten years. While incarcerated, Jeff discovered a passion for cooking and the drive to turn his life around.

Having run kitchens as Executive Chef at the renowned Cafe Bellagio and Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, hew has become one of the most inspirational African-American chefs in the country.

In 2001, Jeff made history in Las Vegas, when he became the first African-American named “Chef de Cuisine” at Caesars Palace. He eventually became an executive chef at several top restaurants including Cafe Bellagio, where he worked util 2006.

KJZZ premiere date: September 16, 2013