KJZZ Movie Show

KJZZ Movie Show

Tune in Sunday nights at 10PM for the KJZZ Movie Show! We will review new movies, go over top home video selections, films made in Utah as well as movie trivia and we will even find time to squeeze in a few laughs.

Local Short Films

Are you or someone you know a cinematographer? You could end up with your short film being screened on the Movie Show!

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Short Film Selections

View “Last Day With Lizzy” – http://vimeo.com/95621160

Password: lizzyfilm_2336

Last Day with Lizzy from KJZZ on Vimeo.

“Last Day With Lizzy” Short Film Drama, Father Daughter Relationship from Matt Duhamel on Vimeo.

Previously Selected Short Films

Life According to Penny

Four Weeks. The Tale of Ryan Atkins. 

The Last Harvest

3 Comment responses

  1. Avatar
    October 04, 2015

    Just wanted to comment on your horror movie episode.

    28 Days Later is not a Zombie Film. There are absolutely no Zombies in the entire movie, nor in the sequel. Why would I think that?

    1. The infected have no rigor mortis symptoms. How can you be an Undead Zombie if you aren’t dead?
    2. They show coherent thought that goes beyond just satiating hunger.
    3. They starve and die.
    4. It’s a virus and there are people immune to said virus.

    That should be enough for now to show that 28 Days Later is merely a contagion/outbreak movie and not worthy of being labeled a Zombie Flick ever.

    Oh and 5. It was also a terrible, horrible, poorly written, recycled plot with sub par acting.

    • Avatar
      October 05, 2015

      Definitely agree! 28 Days Later is a contagion film but it does dabble in the zombie theory slightly. Thank you for your feedback!

  2. Avatar
    December 22, 2013

    I liked kjzz movie show a lot better with just the pretty girl on new movies and the young man suggesting DVD movies. The two old guys come across as condescending with a single church view. I find it odd for a true critic with a hidden agenda to be able to review anything for everyone. Just my friends and my own thoughts. Have a great day & happy holidays.

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