Acting recorder says GOP investigation against her is a smear campaign

Julie Dole.JPG
Acting recorder says GOP investigation against Julie Dole is a smear campaign(Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) The acting Salt Lake County Recorder said an investigation by her own party into allegations she took part in a "coup" of the Recorder's Office, and tainted the GOP brand, is an effort to "sully" her name.

"It was time to make sure that I didn't look good for an election," said Julie Dole, who took over for ailing Recorder Gary Ott.

He seemed to repeatedly exhibit diminished mental capacity, and resigned. But before he did, Dole as his deputy, was accused of covering for him, as he continued collecting a salary of just over $186,000.

Thursday night, Dole sat through a session of Salt Lake County Republican leaders, who heard an update on the party probe.

"We, as a private organization, maintain the right to investigate and discipline our members," Jake Parkinson, county GOP chair, who announced the party would take no sanctions against Dole said. He also stressed the investigation will continue.

All this comes as Dole is trying to become Ott's permanent replacement. A special election, which will be decided by hundreds of party leaders, is next week. Up to eight people are running for recorder.

"Instead of being able to showcase the amazing work I've been doing, it's a tough case to constantly having to be defending myself against allegations that are untrue," Dole said.

In a letter to the head of the investigative committee, Dole said she tried to get Ott to step down.

"I did try to speak to Gary directly and encouraged him to resign often, but I was not successful in convincing him to do so," she wrote.

Dole also revealed on Thursday she is "winning " a fight against breast cancer, "and will soon be fully recovered."

The county GOP said others interested in the recorder job are Adam Gardiner, Melvin Nimer, county councilman Max Burdick, Sterling Shoell, Andy Eatchel, and former county commissioner Brent Overson.