When will Gary Ott leave office?

When will Gary Ott leave office? (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) Yet another hearing was called in Salt Lake County 3rd District Court Friday to determine the competency of County Recorder Gary Ott. Judge Lubeck upheld the ruling granting guardianship of Ott to his family.

His ex-wife and attorney, Mary Coporon, made the initial request on behalf of his siblings in late June.

"I'm not happy about this situation at all, because at the core of this situation is a person who is an extremist," said Coporon outside the West Jordan courtroom Friday.

Ott did not attend the hearing. He was in the hospital, his representative said.

Chief Deputy Recorder Julie Dole has been accused of defending Ott while he was in a diminishing state, but insists his mental capacity has not affected the day to day duties of the office.

"There's been a lot of things in the media where I wasn't shined in the best light, but just to be clear, that there is nothing I've done that is nepharious or manipulative. I've never had any control or interest in Mr. Ott's private life," Dole said.

Dole says Ott’s hands off management style has left her carrying the brunt of the taskload since he hired her in 2014. She said she was capable of filling Ott’s shoes, if and when the time comes.

"I really love the office and the work of the office and would love to keep going, but if not, I'll get another job!"