Police video shows viewers how to have a 'fully lit' time at summer music festivals


(KUTV) The season of music festivals is upon us, and with that undoubtedly comes overtime hours for local police officers.

One Australian law enforcement office decided to reach out to younger generations by speaking their language — sort of.

The Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services Office released a video Tuesday instructing 2017 Bass in the Grass attendants how to have a "fully lit," read: safe and legal, time.

In the video, shot to look like a 80s training video, features "Señor" Constable Dean Elliot, a "TV legend and Instructional Guru" and someone dressed in a chicken costume who can't seem to get concert etiquette right. Together, the pair lists rules and regulations that will keep festival attendants happy and safe.

Keeping in mind that Australia has different laws — and language — than the United States, such regulations include:

  • For those 18 years old or older, purchase your alcohol inside the venue. Don't try to bring in your own.
  • Don't bring drugs.
  • Don't jump the fence. It's not "goodly."
  • Make sure you have a legit ticket.
  • Don't be a c**k. (Get it? The guy is wearing a chicken suit.)