Thursday Night Lights

By: Rich Rodriguez

The "Thursday Night Lights" sparkled{}in Madera.{}{}Thursday evening marked the unveiling of our live high school football broadcast on our sister station{}KFRE{}CW-59.{}{}It's a{}production that{} requires a small army of people to get it on the air.

"It's Ramirez in the end zone. {} Now he gets out to the 5 across the 10. {} He has a first down to the 15 yard line."{}Ralph Wood and Vince Wesson were calling the action from the booth. {}

Down on the sidelines camera operators were high and low bringing viewers the shots of a rivalry game renewed in Madera.{} Much of the communication is by hand signals.{}{}J.R. Jackson was part of the sideline crew for KFRE.{} "The referee and{}I are in communication and when they say 30 seconds{}I give them the signal coming back from a commercial break."

While there's excitement on the field, it's also fun to spend a few nerve wracking moments in the production truck and listen to the director call the shots.{}"Ready blue and ready effects blue. {} Take blue go and get that."

KMJ's Sports Talk Show Host Alexan Balakian is sideline reporter for Thursday Night Lights. "It brings a new life to high school football. {} It's never been done before.. A live broadcast and a lot of communities are watching right now."

Thursday Night Lights made valley broadcast history with the live broadcast. Ralph and Vince will call six more games this season. {} Thursday nights will never be the same.