Gordon Chiesa weighs in on free agency & Gordon Hayward


(AP) Former Utah Jazz assistant coach Gordon Chiesa joined David James on Talkin' Sports Sunday night. The veteran NBA assistant weighed in on free agency and Hayward's future with the Jazz.

Meanwhile, Hayward flew from Miami to Boston on Saturday night, and on Sunday the Celtics enlisted some help from the Boston Red Sox for their recruiting pitch to the All-Star forward.

Hayward and his wife were welcomed by a display on the Fenway Park jumbotron, and part of the sales pitch was a video that ran on the same screen.

Hayward is expected to meet with his incumbent team, the Utah Jazz, on Monday.Meanwhile, Dion Waiters was taking meetings in Los Angeles — with the Heat, who were wooing Hayward on Saturday, on his schedule there. Waiters was with the Heat this past season and has said he wants to be back in Miami.