KJZZ – winter

Winter Roads Cause Snowy Mess

Although it is barely winter is some parts of the world, in others winter is in full effect. For people who live in areas where snow and ice are abundant this time of year, driving can lead to some dangerous [...]

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The Dangers of Backcountry Skiing

Andy found out first hand the dangerous that go along with backcountry skiing. Luckily he had a buddy with him who was able to quickly dig him out after he landed head first in six feet of snow. Created By: Mina via Right [...]

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Avalanche is No Match For Safety Gear

While out filming what was supposed to be a Ford commercial, freeskier Aymar Navarro gets caught up in a massive avalanche. Lucky for him, he had all the proper safety equipment, which brings him to the top of a very [...]

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