The 25 Baddest Witches In Film And TV

These ladies scoff at your “Are you a good witch or a bad witch?” question. The real question is, “Are you a bad witch or the baddest?”

Endora (Bewitched)

Endora ( Bewitched )

Endora is no eviler than your average mother-in-law, but she has magic powers that make her a scarier adversary than the rest. While she torments Darrin endlessly, she’s really only looking out for her daughter.


Tabitha Lenox (Passions)

Tabitha Lenox ( Passions )

Although Tabitha is a villain, she’s a villain on a soap opera, where all characters are a little bit evil when the plot calls for it. Besides, she had a rough childhood, so we can excuse some of the not-so-nice things she does later in life.


Faye Chamberlain (The Secret Circle)

Faye Chamberlain ( The Secret Circle )

Faye is actually one of the good witches, but she’s never really good. She has very little respect for authority and often uses her powers to her own advantage, which frankly makes her way cooler than the rest of her circle.

The CW

Amy Madison (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Amy Madison ( Buffy the Vampire Slayer )

Amy is a magic addict, and who can really blame her? This is a woman whose mom once switched bodies with her against her will, and who was later turned into a rat. That doesn’t excuse her for being a terrible influence on Willow, though.

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