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The Summer Festivals of Canada

The Canadian way of celebration is pretty exciting. Summer festivals in Canada are a way of celebrating and enjoying the season of glorious sunshine and good cheer. All over Canada, different summer festivals add an excitement in the air as festivities come with a wide array of exciting events and other types of entertainment.


Summer Festivities

For instance, the Fringe Festival is a celebration to show the summer spirit of the different festivals in Canada. In these events, anybody can perform and be appreciated. These events are usually called perish events, which allow performers to perform in front of an audience for one minute. These events often include music, dance, drama, comedy shows, theatre, musicals and more. The audience themselves can also take advantage of their festival guide in order to effectively decide which shows they will watch out of the hundreds of different shows available. These Fringe Festivals are available in cities such as Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Victoria, London, and many more.

Music is one of the things that are also being celebrated in these summer festivals. For instance, in Ottawa, Ontario, there is the festival called Bluesfest, sponsored by the Cisco Systems. This festival highlights different types of music, ranging from Cuban music, down to different jam bands which can be expected to perform in this very exciting musical festival. To top it off, there are also some side shows as well as the party atmosphere of the event.


Comic Festivals

Several festivals also highlight some comedy shows that entertain the audience quite effectively. For instance, in Calgary, Alberta, the Funnyfest Comedy Festival is being celebrated, where good humor is expected to spread happiness and good vibes all throughout. There are comedy shows, as well as stand up comedians that only leave people laughing around.

Also, Montreal also showcases festivals such as the Just for Laughs, while Toronto has the Giggleshots – International Comedy Short Film Festival. These are one of a kind festivity that you may have already heard of. Because of their popularity, the UK is planning to stage all these festivities as well.

In Ottawa, the Canada Dance Festival started way back 1987 and has continued to grow stronger year after year. As a matter of fact, it has become one of the main showcases in the area where they show professional dancers strutting their grooves during the event. If you are there yourself, you should get ready to be amazed as you see different styles of dancing and performances. The International Tango Festival held in Toronto is also another festival where dancers from different places all around the world gather together to show their passion for the dance.

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