Utah’s Popular Television Station | KJZZ

Utah’s Popular Television Station

Are you sick of those boring Utah television stations? If so, there is a television station out there that will have you jumping for joy when you see all of the great programs that are on it. If you check out kjzz.com, you can see that their television prigram is called KJZZ14. that television program has the latest movies, shows and sports. On the website, you will be able to see what movies are going to play on that station. Right now, it looks like Minority Report, Old School, Blue Streak and Road Trip are the latest movies to have been played on that station. As for shows, you can watch Access Hollywood Live, The Cosby Show and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. If you would rather watch the station for the sports, you will be able to see the 2014 high school basketball schedule, the broadcast series of the Utah Jazz specials, and the Alta Lone Peak Playoff Highlights. 


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Television is a great place to go for great movies, television shows and sports. You can find all of those on almost every channel on your guide. If you live in Utah, there may no be many good channels, but the one channel you can count on to bring you movies, sports and great television shows is Kjzz14, or kjzz.com if you would rather check it out from the computer. 


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