Former NFL player Michael D. Jackson dies in motorcycle accident

michael jackson wbff file.png
Former NFL player Michael D. Jackson dies in motorcycle accident (WBFF File)

A former NFL wide receiver died in Louisiana Friday morning according to TMZ.

Michael D. Jackson, who played in the NFL in the 90s for the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens, was reportedly driving a '13 Kawasaki on the interstate in the early morning hours when he crashed "at a high rate of speed."

Louisiana State Police confirm a driver backed out of a parking spot, taking up both lanes of the highway when the two collided.

In a press release, LSP confirmed the driver also died in the collision.

"Due to the motorcycle being operated at a high rate of speed, it penetrated into the driver's compartment of the Malibu."

The crash is under investigation.

"This incident represents yet another example of a preventable crash where the consequences of poor decisions claimed a life," a statement from LSP states.

"Please, take a moment and speak to your loved ones about the importance of safe decisions on the road. Remind them that simply wearing a seatbelt drastically reduces their chances of being killed or seriously injured in a crash. Explain to them the dangers that impairment and distractions pose to all motorists. The conversation you have today could be the difference tomorrow."