Best Friends pet food pantry 'urgently' in need of donations

Best Friends pet food pantry 'urgently' in need of donations after it was completely emptied over the weekend. (Photo: KUTV FILE)

As the economic impacts of the coronavirus crisis continue to unfold, food pantries across the state are seeing the effects. That includes pet food pantries like the one operated by Best Friends Animal Society in Sugar House.

"Over the past weekend, the Best Friends Pet Food Pantry was completely emptied, even after a substantial donation from a local shelter," the organization stated in a press release on Tuesday.

Demand for food increased at least threefold in the past week, according to a news release. The pantry already gave out 830 lbs. of cat food and 1460 lbs. of dog food, and now needs help to restock.

Best Friends is asking members of the public who are able to drop off donations of dry cat and dog food so that it can offer support to other pet owners who might be struggling economically. Best Friends states:

"Many people in our community have been affected financially by Covid-19 restrictions —both dramatically and abruptly — and pet owners who were gainfully employed only a week or two ago, may now be wondering how they'll buy the next bag of dog or cat food to care for and keep their pets safely at home."

To donate:

  • Drop off food in the bins located at the entrance of the Best Friends Lifesaving Center at 2005 S. 1100 East. Dry dog or cat food can be dropped off at any time of the day or night, Best Friends states.
  • The center will accept bags of food that were previously opened, as long as they are taped up securely.
  • If you don't have food to donate, you can help the center purchase food by donating to its Amazon Charity List here.

If you are in need of assistance acquiring food for your pet at this time, you can get help by emailing

More information from Best Friends about its lifesaving center:

"Best Friends Lifesaving Center established the pet food pantry in January of 2014 to provide emergency assistance to pet owners facing a temporary financial crisis, as a critical step in the effort to make Utah a no-kill state. The pet food pantry not only fills bellies, it helps to save lives by providing families with what they need to keep their pets at home and out of shelters."