Daughter urges voters to not vote for her dad in viral tweet

Daughter urges voters to not vote for her dad in viral tweet. (Getty Images, Twitter screengrab)

Family dinners must be awkward at the Regan house.


The daughter Robert Regan -- a Republican running for a state representative seat in Michigan -- is openly opposing her father's candidacy in a tweet that has now gone viral with 170,000 likes and more than 34,200 retwetts.

Regan's daughter Stephanie tweeted the following this week:

If you’re in Michigan and 18+ pls for the love of god do not vote for my dad for state rep. tell everyone."

She continued:

Since so many people are asking it is Robert Regan! Do a quick [Facebook] or Google search to find info about his campaign. I don’t feel safe [right now] sharing further information regarding his beliefs, but please look him up and just read for yourself. [Thank you to] everyone offering support and love! My DMs and [notifications] are crazy it’s hard to reply but [please] know i appreciate u!!!! i didn’t think anyone past hometown friends would see this but this is more than political beliefs!! [People] see a familiar name & vote. READ. GOOGLE."

Regan describes himself as "a Bible believing Christian" who supports second amendment rights, opposes abortion, and wants to make English the official language in Michigan.

He has four children, including a daughter attending the University of Utah.

About his daughter Stephanie, who posted the tweet, Regan says on his website: "Stephanie recently graduated from the University of Colorado and presently works with Amazon in Phoenix, AZ."

No word on Regan's response to his daughter's tweet.

Michigan's primary is August 4.