Davis School District parents say hybrid learning is not working

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Davis School District parents say hybrid learning is not working (KUTV)

Davis School District has started week three for hybrid learning, and some families say the system simply isn’t working for them.

Kids are frustrated and so are parents.

On Tuesday, the school district met virtually with a group of parents hoping to get their students back in the classroom five days a week. Currently, students attend in-person instruction two days out of the week and learn from home the other three days.

“It’s not been great,” Mindy Williams, a West Point mom said.

She has five children at home, ages 5 to 13. The past three weeks, she said, have tested her patience.

It feels like eternity. It’s terrible,” Williams said.

Half her battle is trying to keep her kids on task.

“I hate my school work!” 5-year-old Liza cried.

“They don’t want to do the work. I have to try to convince them. It’s not fun for them,” Williams said.

Nine-year-old Luke said he learns better in school.

“I like having an actual teacher that I can ask questions to,” he said.

At home, he’s been running into problems.

“Half the time my laptop doesn’t even work,” he said.

“I just wonder if the district just doesn’t know how many people are actually struggling,” Williams added.

She is a part of a group, Utah Parents United, that brought their concerns to the district on Thursday. They’re pushing to have in-person class offered five days a week.

It’s trying to get some decision back into the hands of the parents,” she said. “At the very least, let us have a choice.”

Utah Parents United said they’ve surveyed 3,000 Davis School District parents, and 70% of those parents said they want their children back in school full time.