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Davis School District to begin vaccinating teachers Tuesday

Davis School District to begin vaccinating teachers Tuesday. (KUTV)

A sigh of relief for many Utah teachers as vaccine rollout begins, for some, as soon as Tuesday, Jan. 12.

Davis School District is one of the first in the state to begin vaccinating.

They will partner with the Davis County Health Department and begin administering vaccines at 10 am Tuesday morning at the Legacy Center in Farmington.

Vaccine prioritization is based off two factors:

  1. Those who have identified themselves as being high-risk
  2. Age of the employee

High Risk employees and those age 60 and over can begin receiving the vaccine on Tuesday. Next, is age 55 and older beginning Jan 15- 16.

Kalynn Gren is a second grade teacher at Clinton Elementary. She has pre-existing health conditions and is scheduled to receive her shot on Tuesday. She said:

We’ve been so worried. We’ve been stressed out. We follow our numbers. We try to make sure we’re doing everything we can."

Coming to work has been stressful for her. As a teacher, there is only so much she can do to protect herself and her students.

“My own safety has been harder too. I can’t physically distance as far as we’d like to. I can’t put them 6 feet a part,” she said.

Being able to receive the vaccine gives her a greater sense of security. Gren said:

Just the sense of relief for it. I feel so much better coming to work. I know that a lot of my co-workers feel the same way. I’m not the only one in my building who has an appointment to get this."

On Monday, the Davis School District sent out 2,900 emails notifying teachers they were eligible to receive the vaccines.

Each school district in the state is handling distribution differently based on how many doses they have allocated to them and what protocols they’ve established.

Davis Schools hope to have all teachers receive the first round of the shot by the end of February.