Dogs love and how they impact human relationships

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Dogs love and how they impact human relationships. (Photo: KUTV)

Dogs can be an important part of their owners' lives.

Pet care website surveyed dog owners about how their pooches impact their relationships with humans. asked 1,500 American dog owners about their relationship with their pet for its "Anatomy of Dog Love" report.

According to the survey, 95% of pet parents said they believe their dogs love them. Pet owners said they think their animals show love through cuddling and their body language.

But what about dog owners and their relationships with other humans? The survey found that nearly half of all dog owners said they'd only date another dog person.

When looking for love, 72% of pet parents said they're more likely to click on a dating profile if there's a dog in the picture. And one in five pet parents said they've stayed in a relationship longer because of their significant other's dog.

The survey found 86% of pooch people in a relationship feel more like a family with a dog.

Half of pet parents reported that they spent more time together after getting a dog, and 71% of dog owners in relationships said they're more attracted to their partner after seeing how they care for their pooch.