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Duck, cat injured in separate Utah County attacks

An X-ray of a cat shows the bullet it was struck with after someone apparently shot at the animal in Utah County. (KUTV)

A pet owner and a duck rescuer want to warn people in northern Utah County after someone recently shot a cat and a duck in separate incidents.

People at Highland Glen Park saw a duck pierced by an arrow late last week. Amy Rohman helped rescue the duck.

“People were a little alarmed,” she said. “I think anybody would be if you know that somebody’s discharging weapons in a place where there’s kids and pets as well.”

The duck, named Stan, cannot walk. He’s waiting to see a vet.

“He can’t use his left foot at all and for a bird of his size, he does need to have both feet working for a quality of life,” Rohman said, “so if he is not able to regain use of his left leg, we would be looking to end his life peacefully with the help of a medical professional.”

The cat owner, who lives in Cedar Hills about a mile from the pond, spoke to 2News but asked to remain anonymous. Her indoor cat got outside over the weekend and came home injured.

Vets removed a small bullet that shattered the cat’s femur. The owner picked up the cat Thursday evening after three days of medical care.

“We worry if it’s so close to the location that Stan was hurt, maybe it’s related, maybe it’s not,” said Rohman, the duck rescuer, “but it’s very concerning regardless.”

Rohman said Stan is the third duck in recent years to be attacked with an arrow in recent years. She called it a “sad reality” for dumped birds worldwide.

Lone Peak Police said they were aware of the two ducks pierced by arrows in the past couple of years but did not have much to go on without a tip from the public.

Rohman encourages people not to dump ducks and to be on the lookout at local ponds. She also encouraged people not to feed the birds bread. She said bird seed, frozen peas or carrots and Cheerio’s are all better options.