Glass shattered at seven churches, post office in Lehi

Glass shattered at seven churches, post office in Lehi kutv (6).png
Glass shattered at seven churches, post office in Lehi. (KUTV)

In just over a week in Lehi, Police have responded to multiple reports of shattered windows and doors.

Seven instances at LDS churches, one at a post office, and one car window.

Police don’t have any video surveillance of the damage being done but they believe something is being used to shatter the glass, potentially a slingshot.

On 1200 East in Lehi, the church was the most recent to have it’s door shattered.

Doug Beecroft is Bishop for the 4th ward there, and he said they discovered the damage on Saturday.

He said the vandal or vandals shattered one pane of the two panes of glass:

We went over and tried to tape it up so the glass would not fall in.

It wasn’t until Beecroft called in the vandalism to police that he found out other churches in Lehi had been vandalized as well. He said while the news was sad, it didn’t surprise him:

My wife and I are both raised right here in Lehi, so it’s changing a lot. Unfortunately with that change comes an undesirable element.

Beecroft said no cameras cover the area where the door was shattered. He said things may need to change:

Perhaps in the future all of our buildings will have to have a lot more security with temples being hit, churches being hit.

On top of the seven churches that had glass shattered, police say a post office and a car were hit as well.

Sarra Bauer was dropping off a package at the post office Monday where the glass had been shattered, but didn’t fully break.

She said she had heard about the damage around town, and in the six months she’s lived here, she’s already been impacted by crime herself:

Windows maybe shot out, and then over in Holbrook farms here in Lehi I’ve had lots of neighbors and friends have had packages stolen off of their porch. Someone went into our garage and stole my car.

Police say it doesn’t appear theft is a motive for any of the door and window vandalism. They say there is no sign anyone has tried to enter the buildings where glass has been broken.

Police say they don’t have any suspects at this point. They are asking people who live near churches and notice anything suspicious to call them right away.