Jordan School District considers spring sports tournament

kutv - jordan sd considers spring sports tournament amid covid.png
Jordan School District considers spring sports tournament (Photo: KUTV)

The Jordan School District is entertaining a plan to allow students to participate in a tournament of spring sports like baseball, track and field, and lacrosse. This, after COVID-19 restrictions scrapped the regular season.

The school board will discuss the proposal at its Tuesday meeting and take a vote.

Sandy Riesgraf, spokesperson for the school district, said the proposal came after student athletes and parents asked the district to find a way to allow students to have an opportunity to play and spend time with their teammates.

“We have to balance whether we can do it and do it safely. That’s the only way we will move forward, is if we do it safely,” she said.

Riesgraf said there is a lot to consider, like whether students and coaches should wear masks and whether there should be spectators. Decisions will be made with guidance and advice from the local health department.

If it happens, the tournament would be among the district’s six high schools, and participation would be voluntary for student athletes and coaches.