22-year-old Utah woman headed to World Cup of Skiing in Canada

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Isabella Wright seen in a Clif photo shoot Arapahoe Basin, Colorado. (Photo:{ }Christian Pondella)

A 22-year-old woman from the Salt Lake area is heading to Canada this weekend to compete in her very first World Cup of Skiing.

Isabella Wright got the call earlier this month that she had qualified to compete and she tells us she believes she is only the second woman from the Salt Lake area to qualify for the competition since the 1950s/1960s.

Wright started skiing when she was three and took up ski racing at the age of 6. She has loved it ever since. She has traveled all over the world to compete and train. Over the years she has torn her ACL and even had a back injury but nothing is stopping her from chasing her dreams.

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She plans on spending Thanksgiving with her family but will head out to Canada on Sunday to take part in the competition which will take place next Friday and Saturday.

She tells us the Olympics is her ultimate dream, especially if the games end up here in 2030 but she does hope to compete at that level before then and says the World Cup is the first step in the journey.

Wright also just signed on with the Fiercely Female Foundation which helps to fund women who take part in extreme sports.

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