30,000 Utahns petition for more visible road striping - and UDOT may have a solution

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30,000 Utahns petition for more visible road striping - and UDOT may have a solution (Photo: KUTV FILE)

Utah drivers say on foggy, murky days like Wednesday and Thursday, the lines on the interstate are difficult to see. Whether it’s rain, fog, or snow, the stripes painted on the highway can become next to impossible to see.

One driver is so fed up, he actually started a petition.

“Veering out of their lane of traffic, almost getting into wrecks... it’s something that needs to be addressed," Nick Bodkin said of Thursday Morning’s commute.

Bodkin started a petition to the governor 10 months ago to make highway lines more visible. After a week of poor weather, it’s picking up traction.

“Within the last week, there’s been over 2,000 new signatures," Bodkin told 2News.

The petition now has more than 30,000 signatures. Bodkin sent the petition to the state, and ended up hearing back from the Utah Department of Transportation.

And UDOT says there could be some relief in sight. Rob Wight, the department’s operations director, showed 2News video of a section of Interstate 215 where UDOT has tested out new beads made to reflect in water — and the proof is in the pavement.

The department tested the new water-reflective beads on that section of interstate for approximately six months.

“We saw this as a great opportunity, right away, to improve our striping," Wight said.

The new beads would come with additional costs — about double or triple the cost of regular beads, Wight said. And that cost doesn't include labor to install the beads.

Either way, is there money to make it happen?

“It’s always a balancing act. We’ve got other needs all around the state," Wight said.

That being said, the beads are being installed on the stretch of Interstate 15 currently under construction in the southern Salt Lake Valley.