9-year-old Taylorsville boy raises money for park trees

A Taylorsville boy is being praised for his generous spirit. (Photo courtesy of Taylorsville City Hall Facebook page)

A Taylorsville boy is being praised for his generous spirit.

Tanner Cowley, 9, set up a root beer float stand to raise money for trees at Bennion Park, according to a news release by the city.

Cowley was playing at the park when the slides became too hot to sit on because of the heat and no shade available. So, he decided to help out.

Cowley was given permission to raise the money after his mother contacted Council Member Meredith Harker, who notified the city's administrator and community development director.

"We are so proud of Tanner, and are grateful for his initiative" Mayor Kristie Overson, who thanked Tanner in person at his stand and bought a float, stated in a press release. "He is the perfect example of how small acts of service can make a big difference in our community."

The root beer float stand was set up in Cowley's front yard. It was complete with a tracking chart showing how much he sold, the press release stated.

He raised more than $500 and plans to present his donations at the City Council meeting Wednesday.

"It really does show how everyone, even children, can contribute to making our city a great place to live and play," Overson said.