Baby Yoda is coming to a mall near you

baby yoda 2.jpg
The Child, known as Baby Yoda, from the series "The Mandalorian" will be available at Build-A-Bear stores. (Photo: Disney)

From a galaxy far, far away to a mall near you: Baby Yoda is coming. Build your very own The Child you will -- at least that is the hope.

The character from Disney series "The Mandalorian" -- officially known as The Child -- will be available in Build-A-Bear stores, expected to include in Utah, in the next few months. The Beehive State is reported to love Baby Yoda more than any other state. The show, available on Disney+, the studio's new streaming service, was instantly popular. Without a name, she, or he, was immediately known as Baby Yoda.

Few merchandising options were initially available for the mostly silent character that has been wildly popular on social media. The announcement, according to Business Insider, was made at a presentation at a conference in Orlando, Florida.

The Star Wars spinoff "The Mandalorian" was released with Disney+ on Nov. 12 and the tiny character received more social media interactions than any Democratic presidential candidate, according to a late November study, a point Build-A-Bear CEO Sharon Price John brought up during the presentation.

“I’m excited to share we will be one of the first companies to provide the digital and internet phenomenon, who is trending higher than all the presidential candidates combined We now will have The Child, also known as Baby Yoda,” John said.

"It's great, again, to be in business with best-in-class partners," John said, adding that Build-A-Bear, Disney, and Lucasfilm, owned by Disney, worked quickly to make the Baby Yoda character a reality. "We started this process almost with the first episode," John said.

Build-A-Bear stores are commonly found in Utah malls including Fashion Place Mall in Murray, Station Park in Farmington and University Mall in Orem. Disney offers a plush of the character, available April 3 for $24.99, with pre-orders now available.