Chief Justice of the Utah Supreme Court delivers 2020 State of the Judiciary address

{ }Chief Justice of the Utah Supreme Court delivers 2020 State of the Judiciary address (Photo: KUTV)

Utah Supreme Court Chief Justice Matthew B. Durrant delivered the 2020 State of the Judiciary Address to a joint meeting of the House and Senate on Monday.

Durrant, 63, is the Chief Justice of the Utah Supreme Court. He is a graduate of both Brigham Young University and Harvard Law School.

Durrant described the court as "energetic and invested." He also acknowledged others he works within his capacity as Chief Justice and proclaimed that the state of the judiciary is strong.

He then talked about his great-grandfather, William Durran, of American Fork, in the 20-minute address leading into a theme of "Everyone is prominent to somebody."

He continued by talking about his experiences when talking in drug court and those who are adjudicated through it. He said, "everyone matters," as he described the gratitude expressed by the people who complete drug court and added, "treatment can improve lives."

Matters under $11,000 can be settled online with a new process that Durrant also discussed as a small claims process. He said a new profession has also has been created called licensed paralegal practitioners.

"Think nurse practitioner for the legal profession," Durrant said.

The LPP can get legal services to people in a more affordable way. He also talked about increased pro bono services. However, Durrant acknowledged that a gap still exists for Utahns to get legal services. A workgroup has been created that Durrant says is still meeting to find ways to fill the gap.

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