Co-founder of FanX launches biotech company; aims to advance life extension simulation

Co-founder of FanX launches biotech company; aims to advance life extension simulation.{ } (AP Photo/The Augusta Chronicle, Michael Holahan)

One of the main goals of Bryan Brandenburg's newest entrepreneurial ventures is to create a top tier 4-dimensional human body simulator with the help of artificial intelligence.

On Wednesday, the computer scientist – and co-founder of Salt Lake City's comic convention – launched Zenerchi with $1.2M in seed funding, according to

The biotech company will "empower a host of wellness and medical uses" in the following categories:

  • pharmaceutical research
  • life extension
  • fitness
  • wellness and healthcare
  • edutainment
  • exhibitions
  • STEM research
  • medical diagnosis and drug testing reported the economic value added by this enterprise is set to $10 trillion. it will also impact a $10 million industry. Brandenburg made the following statement:

We are extremely excited the time has come to announce the company we’ve been developing for the past several years. From our deep experience in cloud platforms, animation, simulation, 3D modeling and software, biomedical and scientific visualization, high performance games, AI, and the viral marketing experience honed and proven through past careers—all of the development and entrepreneurial experience in our team’s collective careers is now culminating in a perfect storm launch and rapid scaling of Zenerchi.

Overall, the company aims to take the research in human physiology and apply it to enhance human existence, according to More information about Brandenburg can be found on his page.