EXCLUSIVE: Cold case reopened for Ogden teen who was shot to death while walking home

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Cold case reopened for Ogden teen who was shot to death while walking home. (Photo: KUTV)

Hope is renewed for an Ogden family as a homicide case is being re-opened.

It’s been almost three years since 18-year-old Francisco Lopez was gunned down on Harrison and 7th.

Now, Ogden Police detectives said they have new leads, and the case is no longer cold.

“Every time he got his check, he made sure he took me out to lunch or dinner,” said Aurelio Sandoval, Francisco’s father.

“He loved everybody. Everybody he saw, he’d become friends right away. In your eyes you were good, he wanted to get to know you,” said his sister, Blanca Lopez.

Memories are what his family has turned to help them cope with his death because the last three years without Francisco - better known to them as “Cisco” - have been difficult for this close family.

“It’s super hard,” said Blanca.

Even more difficult for them is not knowing who took his life.

“It’s not by catching this guy, my son is coming back, he’s not coming back. But, it’s for the sake of other people that worries me,” Sandoval said.

In May 2015, Cisco, who walking home to his dad’s house, was shot several times in a drive-by shooting. Sandoval was confused why his son would even be a target.

“Even though he was 18-years-old - I shouldn’t say special - but he had learning disabilities. Even though he might’ve been 18, he was only 12-13 years old,” Sandoval said.

A blue or dark-colored sedan passenger car was seen in the area, but that seemed to be the only lead.

The motive was unknown, something Sandoval said has always stayed on his mind all these years.

“Why? Why? He was in no gangs," he said. "I keep wondering were those guys on drugs? Were they coming out to shoot anybody? What was the motive behind it?”

The case eventually went cold, until recently. Now, a detective with Ogden police is now actively working the case again.

“I am glad he came along and reopened the case because that only shows that he cares about the community,” Sandoval said.

With new leads, this family may finally get some answers.

“I hope that this time around, they get him,” Sandoval said.

Ogden Police said drive-bys shootings are not common in Ogden in general and not in the area Francisco was shot.

If anyone has any information on this case or happened to see anything that night, you’re asked to call Ogden Police at 866-Tip-A-Cop or 801-629-8188.

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