Salt Lake County DA rules 'deadly force' by 2 police officers was 'legally justified'

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DA rules 'deadly force' by police officers was 'legally justified.' (Photo: Kyle Short / KUTV){ }

(KUTV) -- The Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office has determined that the use of 'deadly force' by two police officers were legally justified.

One incident occurred on March 20 with a Granite School District Police Officer.

The other occurred on April 15 with a Unified Police Department Officer.

The DA's office is required by law to investigate officers involved in incidents, including an officer's use of deadly, or potentially deadly, force used while on duty, according to a press release.

On March 20, Officer Sidhu was on duty wearing a Granite Police uniform. He was driving in his patrol car near Hunter High School when he saw a car parked on the street. He approached the car. The driver, Jonathan "Johnny" Barajas-Macias, hit Officer Sidhu, according to legal documents. Sidhu went up on the hood as a result of the incident. He pulled out his gun and shot a bullet that hit the Barajas-Macias.

On April 15, Sgt. Richardson asked to speak with Steve Michael Hawkins in a McDonald's parking lot. Hawkins started a fight with Richardson and produced a screwdriver which he stabbed Richardson with, according to legal documents. Hawkins also threatened to kill the sergeant. As he approached Richardson again, Richardson fired one shot. Hawkins was transported to the hospital and was later taken into custody.