Police chief: Driver tries to run over Woods Cross officer, hits 3 cars during chase

Police chase in Bountiful now over (Photo: KUTV)

A police chase through Woods Cross, North Salt Lake, and Bountiful on Monday afternoon started when a woman tried to strike a police officer with her car, Chief Chad Soffe told 2News.

A Woods Cross officer was standing outside his cruiser when the driver came at him, and the officer leaped out of the way to avoid being hit, Soffe said.

The chase began at the IHOP at 800 West 2600 South in Woods Cross ended in the area of 200 West 1800 South in Bountiful.

The officer had pulled over the driver when she drove at him, Soffe said. The driver took off and the Woods Cross officer sent out a description of the vehicle to neighboring departments.

The vehicle, a Dodge Durango, was reported stolen out of West Bountiful on Monday morning, Soffe said.

A short time later, North Salt Lake Police officers located the driver and attempted to stop her, but she fled, Soffe said. Officers gave chase as she drove west through North Salt Lake and Woods Cross.

In her attempt to flee, the driver struck a North Salt Lake police car and drove head-on into a Woods Cross police cruiser. Soffe described that the vehicle "went up on two wheels and came back down," and the driver continued to flee.

The officer whose cruiser was hit head-on was taken to University of Utah Hospital with back injuries.

The chase ended when the fleeing driver struck a civilian vehicle head on in the area of 200 West 1800 South. The driver got out and ran from the crash, but officers chased her down and arrested her.

Soffe said she will face "numerous charges." Police believe she was driving while intoxicated during the chase, and Soffe said medications were found in the vehicle. Police also located items that appeared to be stolen, including some Amazon packages inside the vehicle. When she was arrested, Soffe said she also tried to give a false name to police.

The driver has not yet been publicly identified.