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Dog rips off 4-year-old child's arm in Layton attack, arm is missing

layton dog attack child.PNG
Dog attacks child in Layton, child airlifted to hospital for 'surgical intervention'. (Photo: Layton Fire Department)

(UPDATE 3/3/19 5:32 p.m) -- Initial reports from the Layton Fire Department said the child stuck his arm through a chain-linked fence, which our initial report stated.

2News has now confirmed the child stuck his arm underneath a vinyl fence.

The child had a sock on his right arm when the dog bit his arm off.

The child was trying to play with two huskies in his neighbor's backyard by reaching underneath the fence with a sock on his hand.

(UPDATE 3/3/19 4:36 p.m.) -- Crews now believe the husky may have eaten the child's arm and hand as they are unable to find the child's arm.

Original story below contains outdated information. See updates above for the latest details.

(KUTV) -- A 4-year-old child in Layton is undergoing surgery after a dog ripped off an arm when the child stuck it through a fence Sunday afternoon.

The incident happened at approximately 3:30 p.m. near 1000 N. 3575 West.

The 4-year-old boy was taken by medical helicopter to Primary Children's Hospital in stable condition.

According to the Layton Fire Department, the child was playing in the yard before going over to a chain-linked fence which separates the backyard the child was in with the backyard two huskies were in.

The child reached through the fence to pet the dogs when one bit the child in the mid-forearm and ripped off the lower arm with the hand.

Crews were able to find the dog, but not the arm.

Animal control crews are searching for the missing arm and hand so it can be reattached to the child.

There were two huskies in yard, but just one of them attacked the boy, according to Layton Fire.