Donovan Mitchell plans to visit super fan at Primary Children's Hospital

mitchell tweet.png
Screengrab of Donovan Mitchell's Twitter.

Utah Jazz guard and NBA All-Star Donovan Mitchell has always been a bright spot in the local community.

And that isn't changing anytime soon, according to one of his latest tweets, which quoted a tweet from the father of a boy who just got out of brain surgery at Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City on Friday.

The unnamed boy's father, Michael Dahlquist, tweeted at Mitchell:

@spidadmitchell My boy loves you. One of the first things out of his mouth coming out of brain surgery at Primary Children’s is “Maybe I can meet Donovan”. I said good to see you too son. Keep on keepin' on Donovan. These kids look up to you."

Mitchell quoted the tweet and added: "Keep on fighting my guy!! When I get back into town let’s make it happen."

Dahlquist responded to the tweet with another photo saying:

Thanks to all. He feels the love. He really does."

No word on when Mitchell will be back in town to give the boy a visit, or if COVID-19 guidelines will allow it just yet.