Donovan Mitchell visits Utah BBQ for Fourth of July celebration

Donovan Mitchell vio Bo Winder @Bo_Winder Instagram.JPG
Donovan Mitchell visits a Utah July Fourth celebration. (Photo: Bo Winder @Bo_Winder Instagram)

(KUTV) — Real estate expert Jimmy Rex had no problem with Utah Jazz Guard Donovan Mitchell crashing his Fourth of July party. In fact, he and his 80 guests welcomed the unexpected appearance.

"It was the first time I'd ever met Donovan," Rex said. "All of my friends were going nuts and we were really appreciative of his visit."

The surprise 'pull up' by Mitchell came after he tweeted the question, "Where's the BBQs at Salt Lake??? Might just pull up. HAPPY 4th"

Rex asked a friend who knew Mitchell to reach out to him. His friend, who asked not to be identified, sent Mitchell a message inviting him to the pool party saying, "you should drop by." And he did.

Rex has front row season tickets to the Utah Jazz. He has even hosted a charity event for Operation Underground Railroad with Jazz Center Rudy Gobert, raising $150,000.

While he admits through his podcast that he has made influential friends from interviewing celebrities and successful business owners, Rex said he is grateful Mitchell took the time to enjoy the national holiday with him and his guests at his Sandy home.

One friend of Rex's, in particular, was eager to express his excitement from the encounter with Mitchell.

Sam Winder tweeted a picture of Mitchell in the swimming pool with his cousin, Bo Winder, who was at the party.

Bo Winder couldn't help but admit in his own Instagram post, "It doesn't suck having your favorite NBA player show up at your BBQ."