Drone shuts down air operations fighting Alaska Fire

A drone has shut down all air operations fighting the{ }Alaska Fire{ }on Thursday morning. (File Photo: Utah Fire Info)

A drone has shut down all air operations fighting the Alaska Fire on Thursday morning.

According to Utah Fire Info, a drone intrusion occurred over the wildfire, shutting down all air operations.

Using a drone above a fire is against state and federal law. According to Jason Curry, a spokesman for the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands, drone owners can face anything from a Class D misdemeanor to a second-degree felony if caught flying their drone over an active wildfire.

If you see someone using a drone over a fire, get a description of it and its owner before reporting them to police.

The Alaska Fire sparked up along the Bonneville Shore Line, just south of Provo, on Tuesday night. As of Wednesday afternoon, it grew to 450 acres and was 10% contained. According to fire officials, they said the possible cause of the fire was an unkept campfire, but that's still under investigation.