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Update: Officer arrested for sexual activity with a minor responds on Facebook

Aaron David Rosen (Photo: Utah County Sheriff's Office)

UPDATE: Aaron Rosen, arrested for unlawful sexual contact with a minor posted on his Facebook page, and apparently removed the post that he was "catfished" by the teen he was allegedly involved with. He also said he was not contacted by KUTV. Reporters from KUTV did attempt to call Rosen. His phone may have been in the possession of police.

Rosen wrote:

"So. This finally got out. Let me first say: THERE ARE TWO SIDES to every story. And apparently the UCSO and KUTV want to dispel only ONE side. I was not ever contacted by them.

In these cases, I'm clearly aware these are tried in the public and are typically ruled "guilty until proven innocent". However, there are some things that weren't covered in the story:

*I was CATFISHED. (If you don't know what that is... Look it up.

*The guy presented himself to me as a: 23year-old college student, who worked full-time, and lived with his "roommates".

*He reached out to ME first, on the social media app.

*He invited ME to visit him at his apartment, while his "roommate" was "at work."

*I did not EVER admit to ANY sexual contact with the guy; unlike the story reports. And since it seems I'm to be tried by the media... Let's be clear: I'm eager to go to trial! All this is saved in my chats in the app, and it shows him posting his identity as 23.

*When his "roommate" pulled-up, the guy said, "you hafta run!! Get out over the balcony!" I asked him "WTH is going on? Is this a boyfriend?!"

*Being LGBT is tough as it is. But trying to meet and date good people sometimes, is harder! People need to realize juveniles catfishing, for whatever reason (dating, money, attention, etc), is VERY common. TOO common.

*He misrepresented himself. And thank goodness things didn't get any further! But juveniles (and it's BOTH boys & girls); they need to know that this has lasting effects on people's lives.

I will get through it. I just need support. Now, I will see who my TRUE friends are.

PLEASE, if you want to know more, or whatever... P/M me. Don't speculate or assume, just cuz the media says it's so; or because the police share only one side. I'm ready to get this guy on the stand!"

The original story follows:

(KUTV) A former Saratoga Springs, Utah, police officer was arrested last week for unlawful sexual contact with a minor.

Aaron David Rosen was jailed Thursday, July 27 after an investigation by the Utah County Sheriff's Office after a possible conflict of interest with Saratoga Springs police.

According to Spencer Cannon with the Utah County Sheriff's Office, a Saratoga Springs father came home to find somebody in the house with his 16-year-old son while the door was locked. According to a police statement, the person in the house jumped out of a second-story window to escape from the child's father.

The father followed the person leaving the home and gave police a vehicle description, license plate and description of the person.

The teen was interviewed and told police he met the man online and they began to talk and then the man asked if they could meet in person. The man arrived at the child's house and the person began to kiss the boy and touch him, including on his genitals over his clothes. The man, according to the statement, started to remove his own clothes and was attempting to remove the boy's clothes when the father returned home.

When Saratoga Springs police learned the investigation could involve a former employee, it handed off the investigation.

Investigators, according to Cannon, believe Rosen had sexual contact with the minor boy but that he did not use physical force.

Rosen was interviewed and admitted to meeting with the boy but said he didn't know he was only 16. He admitted to kissing and touching.

He was arrested and jailed on suspicion of unlawful sexual activity with a minor, a misdemeanor. He posted bail and was released the same day he was jailed, a few hours later.

Cannon said the initial interaction between the two was recent. The father called police and the arrest happened on the same day.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported in 2012 that Rosen was demoted for dropping his pants in front of a co-worker and appealed the decision

Rosen retired about a month ago according to police.

NOTE: Because of a typo, this story originally listed the arrest for July 17, not the correct date of July 27.