Family of slain Patrick Harmon glad DA called for FBI review on officer-involved shooting

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Patrick Harmon

(KUTV) Lamar Ross left Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill’s office with hope he might get justice for his uncle, Patrick Harmon.

This week, the DA announced he would ask the Federal Bureau of Investigations for a review. The FBI confirmed with 2News Tuesday they would review the case.

“Hopefully, they’ll get a better understanding […] and to also, hopefully reopen the case and file any criminal charges they can file,” said Ross. “My main focus is to make sure Officer Fox is no longer on the job.”

As a child, Ross said he grew up with his uncle.

“He was full of life, outgoing, did his own thing,” he said. “It’s difficult, the fact I never got to say goodbye to him. It’s hard.”

He questioned if his uncle would have actually possessed the weapon with an intent to harm anyone.

"If it was planted, I want to know how it got there. So, I do think it was planted. My own personal belief," Ross said.

District Attorney Sim Gill said he ruled as the parameters guided, using evidence including officer testimony and body camera video.

“We talked in a very open and candid way about what happened, what the evidence is, and what we’ve looked at,” said Gill. "Based on the investigation and the materials turned into us […] you can see as he's kneeling, there's the knife on the side, right there.”

Ross understood, but was disappointed, with the DA’s decision. He looked to the FBI investigation as a hope for what he called justice.

“I’m not feeling better in the fact the DA can’t do anything about it. His hands are pretty much tied at this point.”