Fans of Utah Jazz stay optimistic despite loss to Thunder

Utah Jazz lawn.jpg
Reggie Hennessy of Clearfield, Utah, mowed his front lawn Sunday in a special tribute to the Utah Jazz in support of the team's performance in the playoffs. (Photo: Reggie Hennessy)

(KUTV) -- Fans of the Utah Jazz are optimistic heading into the first game of the playoffs against the Oklahoma City Thunder - and are choosing to stay that way.

Ahead of the Utah Jazz v. Thunder game Sunday, Utah supporters voiced their excitement. After the 116-108, the excitement calmed but only to gear up for Game 2.

“I usually get pretty nervous! I got to be honest! I get pretty nervous about the team, I don’t know. They have my heart. I want to root for them!” Tim Borgeson said outside Poplar Street Pub.

Borgeson maintained an optimistic spirit while looking back on the team’s history.

“The Jazz have had a season where we lost a lot of talent. We overachieved this year. It was fantastic. Losing ‘he who won’t be named’ was heartbreaking for a lot of big Jazz fans. But gaining Donavan Mitchell was inspiring. He’s going to stay here forever. I know that because I can sense his aura from here. He’s going to be a lifelong Jazz talent. There’s going to be a statue in front of this stadium right here and it’s exciting as a Jazz fan to see it happen!”

Jazz fan Skylar McClure was confident his team would prevail.

“With OKC? We beat the crap out of them! It’s going to be a four game series. Starts tonight with a butt-whopping!”

Fellow fans echoed the optimistic attitude.

“I think we’re in a good league right now. If you look at what LeBron and all the other talent has done that we have around things like that, the different changes,” said Borgeson. “I definitely hope they win! But if not, I hope they play well and have a good show. And then we come back to UT in a couple games and then get back. I mean, I am a little worried about Russel - he’s pretty good.”

Game 2 takes place Wednesday in Oklahoma City.