Financially, Utah vs. BYU is a modest affair compared to many college football games

BYU quarterback Zach Wilson (11) stiff arms Utah defensive back Marquise Blair (13) as he carries the ball in the first half during an NCAA college football game Saturday, Nov. 24, 2018, in Salt Lake City. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

Thursday night's game between BYU and Utah is a fairly modestly budgeted affair, at least by the standards of big-money college football.

USA Today compiled a list of the finances involving college football games. Most often the home team pays the visiting team a fee that covers travel and expenses and helps fun football programs and athletic departments.

And on the chart where Tulane gets paid $1.9 million for visiting Auburn, Brigham Young University paying the University of Utah $250,000 is a comparatively modest fee.

The USA Today rundown shows the guaranteed appearance fees for more than 250 games involving a least one FBS football school, that includes a lot of local teams.

It also says Michigan will pay Arkansas $2 million for not playing, after cancelling a two-game season.

The "Holy War" game is the smallest fee for games listed on the opening weekend, carried on ESPN Thursday at 8 p.m. Utah State, for example, visits Wake Forest and will secure a $475,000 fee. By comparison Kent State will earn $1.5 million for visiting Arizona State the same weekend.

But the biggest name brands attract much more. Oregon vs. Auburn will guarantee each team $3.5 million at a neutral site. South Carolina vs. North Carolina will pay each team $2 million, also on a neutral field in the same situation.

On Sept. 7 Utah State will be on the paying end of a $365,000 arrangement while the University of Utah will pay Northern Illinois $350,000. The following week the Utes pay Idaho State $550,000.

BYU will pay Washington the same $250,000 it paid Utah when the Huskies visit Provo Sept. 21. What looks like a bargain by almost any measure but that is the same fee the Cougars get when visiting Toledo Sept. 28 and San Diego State Nov. 30. That could signal that BYU seeks lower appearance fees on both ends when it schedules home-and-home series with college football programs. It pays Boise State $225,000 Oct. 19.

But according to the national newspaper, BYU will pay visiting Idaho State $475,000. Not all of the team's games are listed.

Weber State will get $400,000 for visiting Nevada Sept. 14. Utah State visits LSU Oct. 5 and takes home $1.5 million.

See the full list at USA Today.