Former Dixie HS football star's hand severed in accident

football player hand severed - do NOT use for file photos (4).png
Nate Mahi’s dreams are on hold after he cut off his hand in a work accident. (Photo: KUTV)

A major setback for a former Dixie High School football player who had hopes to go on to play college football.

Nate Mahi’s dreams are on hold after he cut off his hand in a work accident.

On Jan. 6, Mahi was building cabinets for the company he works for in St. George. Somehow, the saw slipped, slicing through his right hand, only missing the pinky finger.

“I didn’t feel any pain," he said. “I pulled it out, my hand was gone. I’m like, freaking out.”

An air ambulance flew Mahi to University Medical Center’s trauma center in Las Vegas. There, a team of specialized surgeons spent eight hours re-attaching his hand.

“When someone has an injury like that, they can actually bleed to death,” said Deborah Kuhls, Medical Director of Trauma Intensive Care at UMC.

With an injury so severe, timing is everything.

“I would say he was extremely lucky to have his hand re-attached” Kuhls said.

Mahi has an intensive recovery ahead. He’ll have to have another surgery and months of rehabilitation.

Doctors aren’t certain the extent of the damage yet, but he hopes to play football again.

“I really don’t see myself giving up,” Mahi said.

Family friends have created a GoFundMe to help pay for bills while Mahi and his wife are out of work. They’ll be in Las Vegas for the next couple of weeks.