Get Gephardt: Amazon return seemingly lost in its warehouse

kutv gep amazon return 091019 (4).PNG
Bradlee Simmons decided to Get Gephardt when he returned a generator he ordered from Amazon, but couldn't get a refund. (Photo: KUTV)

Bradlee Simmons needed a generator for his camping trailer. In a couple of clicks, he ordered one from Amazon for $1,178.68.

"It came damaged, there was oil all over," he said.

Simmons packed it up and sent it back in June but he’s yet to see a refund.

"Their warehouse says they never got the package," he said.

Sure they did. It’s confirmed on the UPS tracking information. The generator was received on July 9, 2019.

Simmons says he sent the proof to Amazon but, more than two months later, he's still getting a string of excuses.

"Can't find it. Empty box. Oh, we found it. Just kidding. Oh wait, it's an empty box. Just kidding. We haven't found it. We've never received it. Back and forth," Simmons said.

“It makes me feel like I have absolutely no control and nothing is ever going to get resolved at this point."

Simmons called Get Gephardt which reached out to Amazon through its public relations department asking about all of this. In a one-sentence response, Amazon wrote, "We worked directly with the customer to resolve his issue."

That resolution is that Simmons finally received a refund.