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Top 10 Stories of 2018 on (Photo: Adam Forgie, KUTV)

Determining the top stories of 2018 can be difficult. It's all a matter of perspective when it comes to which stories are important to different people.

The murder of University of Utah student and track star Lauren McCluskey dominated local headlines, while stories involving special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of President Trump dominated national headlines.

Rather than editorialize, we've decided to choose the stories most visited by our viewers on in 2018 to determine our top stories.

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Updated list of recent recalls: romaine lettuce, beef, turkey, cereal, pork, ramen

Recalls were big late in 2018 with romaine lettuce being the biggest recall nationwide after E. coli poisoning sickened at least 32 people in 11 states, and 18 people in Ontario and Quebec.

Beef, turkey, cereal, pork and ramen were also recalled.

TOP 10 STORIES OF 2018 on

#10 -- Student who fell 4 stories in Tanner Building on BYU campus has died

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A tragic public suicide made headlines in early December after a BYU student jumped to her death inside the Tanner Building at BYU.

Initial reports were that a student had fallen four stories inside the building with a large atrium, and was critically injured. The student later died and an investigation revealed it was a suicide.

#9 -- USPS warns of secret shopper scam, don't cash checks

A nationwide scam involving secret shoppers caused the United States Postal Service to issue a warning to consumers.

Scammers would send people a check for thousands of dollars, and then ask them to wire the company back a portion of the money, telling folks to spend the rest.

The check would bounce, and scammers would get your money.

#8 -- Family shares hilarious family photos gone wrong after Photoshop fail

A Utah family paid a "professional" photographer to take some family photos, but what they got back was a hilarious Photoshop fail.

The photographer told the family her professor never taught her how to use Photoshop, so she improvised, and the results made thousands laugh.

#7 -- Josh Weed, famous married gay Mormon announces divorce, apologizes to LGBTQ community

Josh and Lolly Weed, viewed as proof, and used as an example, that a gay man and a straight woman can make a successful Mormon marriage, announced their divorce in a blog post.

In the same blog post where they announced their divorce, they offered an apology to the LGBTQ community.

#6 -- Exclusive: Documents reveal how the LDS Church responded to MTC sex scandal

A story you can only find on KUTV showed how the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints responded to a sexual assault scandal at its Provo Missionary Training Center.

The scandal involved former MTC President Joseph Bishop.

His son sent an email only to 2News about a five-page dossier about the past of the woman who accused his father of rape.

#5 -- VIDEO: UPS driver caught dancing on doorbell camera

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A doorbell camera caught a UPS driver in Indiana dancing a jig after he dropped off some packages on a family's porch.

Bethany Auth caught the driver putting his hat on sideways, posing for the camera, and showing off some moves.

"Your UPS driver likely doesn’t have anything on mine. Hoosier movie star and all," Auth told 2News.

#4 -- Utah high school teacher accused of murdering her ex-husband's girlfriend

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A high school teacher in Lehi, 32-year-old Chelsea Cook, is currently in jail, charged with murdering her ex-husband's girlfriend, 26-year-old Lisa Williams.

A probable cause statement says the former Skyridge teacher shot and killed Williams in front of her twin 3-year-olds.

#3 -- Elk takes down helicopter in Utah

The headline explains a strange story out of Wasatch County where an elk jumped and caused a low flying helicopter to crash in February.

A crew of scientists were trying to net the elk, sedate it and fly it back to put a collar on it for further study by a biologist.

Two people suffered minor injuries. The elk was killed in the incident.

#2 -- Police: Teen attempted to detonate explosive device at Pine View, researched ISIS

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In March, police found a homemade explosive device in a backpack at Pine View High School in St. George.

Police said if the device had detonated, it would have caused significant injury or death.

A juvenile male was arrested and police found bomb-making materials at his home.

Police also said the suspect had been researching information and expressing interest in ISIS and promoting the organization.

#1 -- Panty selling may cause candidate to drop out of race

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The most viewed story on in 2018 was about a city council candidate in Evanston, Wyoming facing criticism after her secret, panty-selling online persona was discovered.

Candidate Deborah Reno works as a massage therapist and yoga instructor. She also had a side hustle under the name Mystee Crockett.

She’s seen stripteasing in videos and has an online storefront that caters to “used panty buyers.”

She’s also sold “dirty gym shorts” for $20 plus shipping.

Reno decided to stay in the race.