'I have the right of way' driver claims in altercation with school crossing guard

Pedestrian captures altercation between motorist and elementary school crossing guard in Kaysville on Thursday. (Photo courtesy of Celia Hardy)

Celia Hardy pulled out her mobile phone and started recording a brief altercation between a motorist and an elementary school crossing guard after she'd just been assisted in crossing the walkway with her daughter.

The back-and-forth exchange between the guard and motorist took place Thursday after Creekside Elementary in Kaysville dismissed for the day.

Hardy posted the video on social media and it was instantly shared more than 161 times.

Hardy told 2News:

School got out at 1:25 today and the crossing guard was in the road letting kids cross. The lady turned left while there were kids still in the crosswalk, as well as myself and my daughter. She wasn’t stopping until the crossing guard yelled at her to stop.

2News was unable to identify the driver to get her side of the story, but she can be heard in the video telling the crossing guard, "I have the right of way."

State law, 41-6a-1002 - Pedestrians' right-of-way -- Duty of pedestrian, says that an operator of a vehicle approaching a school crosswalk shall come to a complete stop at the school crosswalk if the crosswalk is occupied by a person.

However, Hardy said the driver rolled down her window and said she had the right of way because the crossing guard was the only person in the road.

"That is when I started recording," Hardy said. "She was very rude and kept trying to go forward. The crossing guard was amazing at keeping her calm and everyone safe."

Two little girls can be seen in the video contemplating whether to cross the street while the guard was conserving with the motorist. They chose not to.

Hardy said it is important that drivers watch out for children walking to and from school. She said:

There are far too many kids hurt in crosswalks. People need to pay better attention.