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Campaign urges Utah parents to be 'idle free' while waiting for children at school

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Another inversion season is upon us, so students are taking action. (Photo: KUTV)

Another inversion season is upon us, so students are taking action.

"For our family, clean air is a matter of life and death," said parent advocate Erika Doty, who has two children who suffer from asthma.

Doty is one of many community members encouraging parents to pull over and stop idling during student drop-off to help improve air quality around schools.

It's part of a clean air campaign called Idle Free Week hosted by Draper City.

However, various cities are working together to promote the campaign.

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Schools within the Canyon School District will receive a clean air tool-kit with activities for teachers to use throughout the year.

"[We have to] make sure our kids breath clean air, and for future generations as well," said Canyons District Superintendent Dr. James Briscoe.

We have to do something.

According to Utah Clean Air Partnership (UCAIR), a local non-profit, 53% of harmful particulates in Utah's air comes from cars. Thom Carter, executive director of UCAIR, said:

We waste 3 billion gallons of gas idling every year and idling for two minutes is the same emissions as driving for a mile. That's about $7 billion.

In addition to the campaign, the University of Utah's "Nerdmobile" will also be out monitoring the air.

The week-long experiment is similar to the studies they do during droughts and wildfire season.

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