Update: Maceys instructs stores to remove 'offensive' drink from stores

Not see kola Twitter.JPG
Is soda with a Nazi reference offensive? (Photo: Kate Boyle via Twitter)

UPDATE: Maceys said in a statement on Twitter that three products will be taken off store shelves and were purchased without corporate knowledge.

Not See Kola, Orthadox Jooce and Leninade will no longer be for sale, Maceys said in a tweet that was apparently deleted shortly after it was posted. Later a tweet, in response to a customer's tweet that included KUTV, specifically regarding Not See Kola, Maceys said it would be removed from stores. 2News has asked for clarification from Maceys.

(KUTV) — Is soda with a Nazi reference offensive?

Some people on social media think so.

Most recently, Salt Lake County woman Kate Bronstad called on Real Soda Utah to, “Please stop selling this offensive soda,” called “Not See Kola.”

She also found another post from earlier this year with a similar complaint:

In a response to that post, Real Soda Utah replied on Facebook: “We respect and understand that everyone has differing senses of humor. Our goal is to provide a wide variety of sodas and flavors that everyone can enjoy. If there is a flavor or brand that you’d like to see in our lineup, please let us know.”

2News approached Real Soda Utah for a statement via phone. They said they occasionally get complaints of this nature, but have no current plans to pull the product.

We also reached out to Not See Kola on Facebook but have not yet heard a response.