'It's hilarious': Parody art steals the spotlight at FanX

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An anonymous artist stole the show at FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention with this type of parody art. (Photo: McKenzie Stauffer / KUTV)

Imagine it: Boba Fett reading "Harry Potter"; the Hulk sitting on the toilet; or Darth Vader baking in the kitchen dressed in a Hufflepuff apron.

An anonymous artist stole the show at FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention with this kind of parody art.

"It's hilarious and people love it, " Nick Meagher, an employee of I Am Parody Art told 2News. "It's very fun to sell because people get such a kick out of it every time they come by. People just throw their heads back laughing."

A customer gave the idea to create and sell these oil-based paintings to the artist known as "Bucket" nearly three years ago.

"They wondered what it would be like to have Darth Vader sit on a toilet," Meagher said. "The artist took the idea and it ended up becoming a big thing and became a best selling piece."

From there, Bucket continued to create parody art and has made a career of it.

Meagher says parody art is protected by fair use, so as long as the characters aren't doing something that they would never normally do, it's "totally fine for us to use the character."

Besides getting to buy the art, fans can also help name the pieces.

"The fans get to chose the names for the pieces on social media," Meagher said. "Those picked get a free canvas of the piece."

"Hulk splash" is Meagher's favorite he says.

The Colorado-based company promoted its product for the first time at FanX this year. And they hope to keep coming back.

"I hope that we have stuff that people can have guests commenting on all over the country, and potentially all over the world," Meagher said.