Kearns community rallies around football player paralyzed at trampoline park

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Kearns community rallies around football player paralyzed at trampoline park. (Photo: Jeremy Harris, KUTV)

Audrick “Stak” Afatasi is used to taking hard hits as a linebacker for the Kearns High School football team.

But he’s now fighting to regain feeling to his lower body after being paralyzed at a trampoline park over the weekend.

Stak’s brother and football teammate Isaiah Afatasi told 2News:

I was heartbroken, I was lost for words, I just broke down with him and started crying.

Isaiah was with Stak at the trampoline park when he attempted a double backflip and landed on his back.

“It didn’t look like it was that bad, he flipped over on his stomach and he couldn’t move I’ve never seen him hurt that much before,” Isaiah Afatasi said.

Stak was rushed to Intermountain Medical Center in Murray where doctors are currently treating him. He is paralyzed from the waist down and has undergone surgery to place metal discs in his spine.

Stak’s father Skee Afatasi told 2News:

I just wish I could switch places with him and take all the pain and endure all the pain.

Stak joins the thousands of trampoline park visitors who end up in the hospital each year.

2News’ Get Gephardt investigated trampoline parks that almost always require visitors to sign liability waivers before jumping.

The National Electronic Injury and Surveillance System estimates there are approximately 100,000 trampoline-park related ER visits every year.

The American Association of Pediatrics strongly discourages visits to trampoline parks.

The Utah Legislature recently passed the Trampoline Park Safety Standards bill which would require trampoline parks to be licensed and receive annual inspections.

The legislation also require injuries at Trampoline Parks to be reported to local authorities.

“He’s played football his whole life and you’re always worried about concussions and him getting hurt, and to hear he got hurt doing a double back flip it hurts,” Skee Afatasi said.

He says, however, he doesn't want to make this tragic accident about the trampoline parks.

"I don't want to make this about the trampoline places because my kids love them. They are fun if kids are safe. It was not their fault and they do everything to ensure your safety. The people jumping just need to be smart and safe."

Skee Afatasi says his family has been surrounded with support from the Kearns community.

“Everyone’s come together for this one kid and words can’t describe, you know, the gratitude that I feel right now,” Skee Afatasi said.

A GoFundMe site for Audrick’s recovery has been established to help the family with medical expenses.

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