Lagoon amusement park opens with new COVID-19 guidelines

Lagoon amusement park opens with new COVID-19 guidelines. Photo: KUTV)

Saturday Lagoon amusement park opened up for the first time this year, but not without some major changes.

According to park management, this was the first time the park did not open on time since World War II.

Lagoon’s Director of Special Events, Julie Freed, said it has been a historic year for them.

“Just the buzz of the rides going, it feels so good,” said Freed. “That’s like music to my ears.”

Many had been waiting for the park to open, the Winward family was finally able to use their season passes.

“They had sanitizing stations everywhere, they have the six feet apart, you had to stop and wait while they clean some of the rides in between,” said Kali Winward.

All guests are also required to wear masks to gain entry, and all staff wear face masks as well.

Heidi Penrod’s sons work at Lagoon. She said she was surprised they opened so early, but she thinks they are doing their best to keep it clean.

“I wish more people would have kept their masks on, that’s a problem everywhere though. The best part was there was no lines for anything,” said Penrod.

To enter the park patrons now need to make a reservation online. They are operating at about a 15% capacity.

Freed said despite all the changes the park had a successful first day.

It’s been an interesting year, a tough year, and I’m just so happy to be able to open the park up so people can create new, happy, fun memories again.

She said Lagoon will increase their capacity if the health department changes Davis County’s restrictions.