Updated voting numbers leave key races, propositions still undecided

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A new Dixie Strategies/KUTV 2News public opinion survey with voters in Utah's 4th Congressional District reports a 6 point lead for Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams over Republican incumbent Rep. Mia Love. (Photo: KUTV)

(KUTV) — Updated voting numbers on Wednesday show that key Utah races and outcomes of propositions are still hotly contested.

The headline-grabbing race in Utah's 4th Congressional district stayed close after Salt Lake Coutny released new numbers, with Democrat challenger Ben McAdams maintaining a lead over Republican incumbent Mia Love.

McAdams has 95,942 votes -- 51.45 percent -- to Love's 90,528 votes, 48.55 percent. Salt Lake County will update its numbers every day at 3 p.m. while Utah County will not update its numbers until Friday.


The result of the non-binding opinion question isn't in doubt, with voters disapproving of an increased gas tax for education by a 2-to-1 margin. A full 66 percent voted to oppose it while 33 percent voted in favor of it.


Proposition 2, to legalize medical marijuana, is also still close, but not quote as close.

WIth 407,943 votes for it, the proposition has pulled in 53.23 percent of the "yes" votes, while 46.77 percent of voters said "no," a total of 358,417 votes.


Numbers of people favoring increasing Medicaid coverage for Utah's poor closely resembled support for Proposition 2.

With 407,596 or 54.14 percent in favor and 345,258 against. Support for it and against it is approximately one percent of support and opposition of Prop 2.

The outcome is not finalized.


The closest of all races calls for a redrawing of political boundaries without favoring a political party. Approximately 500 votes separate the yes votes from no votes.

  • For: 50.37 percent or 371,614 votes
  • Against: 49.63 percent or 366,111 votes

Republican Mia Love and her Democratic challenger Ben McAdams knew their race could be close, and as expected they're locked in a battle that may not be decided for days.

McAdams was leading Love by a narrow margin at the end of election night on the strength of a strong showing in his home county of Salt Lake County.

Love is hoping to flip the deficit by winning a large portion of the votes left to be counted in her stronghold of Utah County, where long polling lines and a lack of early voting led to slow vote tallies.

Love, the only black Republican woman in Congress, is seeking a third term.

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